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We're teaming up with Question One Quiz to get your Sunday nights rocking again and bring you the best pub quiz in London.

First up, we've got quiz prizes on offer for our winning team. Not only that, but throughout the evening we'll have on-the-spot quiz questions where you'll be rewarded with slightly different prizes. 

Alongside our brilliant pub quiz, we'll bring you the best Thai food in Waterloo. Our amazing menu can be ordered throughout the evening. But here's the best bit,  you won't have to move a muscle. We will allow you to order directly to your team table. Whether that's a round of beers, a bottle of wine, or a Thai platter to get the brain working, we'll be on hand to bring it to you. We wouldn't want to disturb that pub quizzing rhythm. 

So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we run this Waterloo-based pub quiz evening Sunday. 

Click the book button and drop us an email if you want to get involved. If you fancy eyeing up Thai food first then view the menu below.

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